LeBron James is coming home...


LeBron James nearly single handedly broke all forms of social media last night, with the impending announcement of his move to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After losing the Larry O'Brien trophy to the Spurs last month, James announced that he would exercise his 'free agent' right within his current contract with the Miami Heat. Immediately every team in the league clambered for a piece of the King.

James announced his decision through an exclusive article by Sports Illustrated, simply titled "I'm Coming Home."

With baited breath the league has now seen the fall of the first domino piece in what will be a huge ripple effect within the NBA. The next question is obviously, what happens to 'The Big 3' of Miami?

The rumour is that Bosh will finally return home to Houston, after there was significant interest in signing him as a free agent if Carmelo Anthony chose to go elsewhere. After James' decision, the Rockets started pushing into high gear to land Bosh.

And D.Wade? Those rumour mills haven't started turning that hard.

So Cavs fans better sweep up those ashes of LBJ's burnt jersey and start piecing them back together…. because the King is back!

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