Panini is definitely putting their best foot forward on the upcoming 13/14 Immaculate Basketball.
Panini America will pay tribute to that trend in true groundbreaking fashion with a pair of insert sets that feature the most extensive — and jaw-dropping — use of game-worn NBA shoes in trading card history.
Appropriately dubbed “Sneak Peek” and “Sole of the Game,” the new additions to the Immaculate Basketball insert roster will deliver some of the most unique trading cards collectors have ever seen; extra-thick history-makers featuring brand logos, size tags, soles, player names, tongue pieces and more from game-worn shoes of the NBA’s greatest players. Shaquille O’Neal’s Reebok Pumps? They’re in there. Larry Johnson’s Converse Reacts? In there. Nikes worn by Kobe Bryant . . . and LeBron James . . . and Blake Griffin . . . and Kevin Durant . . . and Kyrie Irving? Yep, those are in there, too — along with other famous footwear presented in a completely revolutionary forum.
Check out the gear below!
(Courtesy of Knight's Lance)
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