Finding your way to CherryHQ

CherryHQ has recently moved to Southbank Prima Pearl Tower.... follow our easy instructions to find yourself a place at our upcoming Balls and BBQ Event this Saturday 1st November from 10am.


Where: 9 Power St Southbank

What: Private Cinema LIVE HD Cavs v Bulls + BBQ + Boxes


Step 1. Drive or get yourself some unreliable public transport to the suburb of Southbank.

Cherry Tip of the Day: Park at Crown Casino, let's be honest, private carparking is going to cost you a kidney and we would rather see you spend your pineapples on some mojo!


Step 2. If you park at Crown, walk through the building towards the Queensbridge Rd end.

Cherry Tip of the Day: Preferably, walk out the exit of Crown Palladium / Burberry / Prada / Louis Vuitton



Step 3. Locate the corner of Queensbridge St and Power St

Cherry Tip of the Day: Look up! You will see a bronze building, similar to the colour of it's partnering landmark... the Yarra river.



Step 4. Walk through the walkway from Queensbridge St, as indicated by the arrow in the picture below, and head toward the foyer.



Step 5. Grayson will be waiting for you in the foyer

Cherry Tip of the Day: Please be in the foyer around 10am, if you are running late, message or call G on 0408660774, as we will have to organise building entry and escort up to the private cinema




Step 6. Grab a Coke and a Smile. Relax in your own reclining leather seat and enjoy the game.

Cherry Tip of the Day: Remember those pineapples you saved by not parking in private / street parking... enjoy some ripe Cherry mojo-filled boxes!!

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