Kobe Bryant Solid Gold One of One Panini Grail Lands at Cherry

Cherry has been lucky enough to bust some grails for our customers and occasionally we are lucky enough for them to come home!

Kyrie Irving's Immaculate rookie one of one, Blake Griffin's Absolute Logoman rookie auto one of one and just recently Kobe Bryant's Gold Standard Solid Gold one of one have been busted during Cherry's weekly Live Breaks! (7pm AEST every Thursday).

Kobe's Solid Gold was not only our first Solid Gold, but obviously the best Kobe card we have seen, including a Flawless one of one auto we busted in 2012/13.

We are currently seeking expressions of interest in the card, so, if you think it would compliment your collection, please contact us.

If you would just like to watch, participate or be the first to make offers on our busted cards, don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Livestream!

We also have a range of Panini 2014/15 Immaculate Group Breaks now available!

Oh, and here is the 2014/15 Panini Gold Standard Kobe Bryant Solid Gold 1/1

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