1986 Fleer Jordan Rookie Hunted At Cherry Collectables

1986 Fleer Jordan Rookie Hunted At Cherry Collectables

Its the holy grail of basketball cards, maybe ALL sports cards - the 1986 Fleer Jordan rookie card. It's such an iconic image and the design of the set with the red, white and blue border is classic too.

I'm not sure if these packs were ever sold in Australia in the 80s but if you busted some back then you were very lucky. We were fortunate enough to bust some recently in-store as a big collector had recently purchased some and brought them in to bust with Grayson in store.

Check out some the pics below as we busted the packs and watch the full video on our YouTube channel!

1986 fleer basketball wrapper wax

'Even the wrapper is iconic!'

'Handle with care G.'

100s watching live on Instagram.

A Jordan came out live!

A Jordan sticker but no rookie card.

Picking up the pieces.

With Jordan rookie cards fetching record prices if we HAD hit one in store it would have been a pretty scary moment. A PSA 10 recently sold for $51,600 USD.

What are the Top 5 Jordan cards? Read our classic blog here.

Want to shop Jordan? Click here. 

Watch the full pack opening below and let us know what you think!

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