2019-20 Absolute Memorabilia NBA Delivers Ball Logo Tools Of The Trade!

2019-20 Absolute Memorabilia NBA Delivers Ball Logo Tools Of The Trade!

Hot on the heels of a HUGE Panini NBA Prizm and Revolution preview we've got more NBA card news with this first look at Absolute Memorabilia NBA 19/20! This set looks to have logos from game-used balls, hats as well as the shoes and laundry tags we are used to. Tools of the trade hits can have up to 6 pieces of memorabilia in them as well as an auto, making them HIGHLY collectible.

Check out some of the first pictures below and get your orders in at Cherry now!

rui hachimura panini absolute nba 2019 20 tools of the trade

panini absolute memorabilia tools of the trade

zion panini america absolute memorabilia 2019 20

shaq panini america absolute memorabilia nba

  • Collect Tools of the Trade Signatures three ways! Each card showcases an autograph and either three, four, or six swatches of memorabilia! Each card features combinations of jerseys, hats, and basketballs! Featuring 33 of the top rookies of the 2019-20 NBA rookie class!
  • Look for ON-CARD Autographs from past and present NBA stars this year in Limitless Signatures, Rookie Autographs, and Rookie Autographs Variation. Each autograph set will have five different Levels.
  • Get a feel of the game with the very unique memorabilia cards in the JUMBO Basketball and JUMBO Hat sets. Look for OVER-SIZED NBA Basketball pieces and OVER-SIZED NBA Hat pieces featuring the top rookies. Also look for jersey and patch cards of current and retired stars in the Veteran Tools of the Trade set, featuring five different levels.
  • Look for a NEW base card format this year, featuring veterans of the league as well as the top rookies. Look for parallel versions that are numbered from 199 all the way to 1.
  • Back again are the RARE Glass cards, which feature 25 of the top NBA players and newest additions to the league.
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