2019-20 Donruss Optic Basketball Revealed - Gold Vinyl Hunting!

2019-20 Donruss Optic Basketball Revealed - Gold Vinyl Hunting!

*UPDATED* 13.2 Watch the moment G pulled the Lebron grail!

*UPDATED* Last night Grayson hit the gold vinyl 1/1 Lebron LIVE! Going out to a lucky break customer very soon!

*UPDATED* 12.2.20 Dale & Grayson have given a behind the scenes look at how a case breakdown is done with a world premiere video breaking down brand new Donruss Optic!

*UPDATED* Another HUGE gallery of new Donruss Optic cards here! Donruss optic is busting LIVE tomorrow - you already ordered your box, right

*UPDATED* With Panini sharing a HUGE gallery of in-hand images of Optic Donruss, Grayson has weighed in the value he thinks is still there in the product;

With the 2019-20 NBA season well and truly underway Panini America has dropped a BUNCH of news on no less than 6 different versions of Donruss basketball just after their reveal of Crown Royale!

The super-popular Rated Rookie set returns as well as Retro Series Signatures and the highly coveted Gold Vinyl 1/1 variant!

Check out the images below from the first look and watch the video below - get your orders in NOW at Cherry!

 giannis panini donruss option 2019-20

zion rated rookie donruss optic panini auto

kobe bryant donruss optic 2019-20

steph curry donruss optic 2019-20 panini

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