2019 Plates & Patches Football First Look!

2019 Plates & Patches Football First Look!

*UPDATE* 13.2.20 - Panini has revealed the QC gallery for Plates and Patches! Check out some of the Superbowl contenders below and click here for the whole gallery! Get your football orders in because football cards are getting more popular here in Australia!

panini plates and patches patrick mahomes

panini plates and patches nick bosa

Before we get stuck into this football card news can I say a HUGE thank you to the NFL card collectors in Australia for getting behind the hobby throughout 2019. I can recall Cherry really struggling to sell NFL in the past but thanks to you we have a brand new NFL break in Punterz and more and more gridiron fans collecting each week! Thank you all so much!

Hot on the news of Limited football Panini have dropped Plates & Patches Football for us to look at and I'm excited because Bo Jackosn is signing! What a complete legend of the game and also a fantastic episode of ESPN's 30 for 30 if you haven't seen that one.

Check out the quick breakdown and these first images below and get your orders in at Cherry because NFL is growing FAST!

  • Look for Rookie Patch Autographs from all of the top NFL rookies including Josh Jacobs, Marquise Brown, Kyler Murray and Daniel Jones.
  • Hunt for on-card autographs in Marquee Marks, Leaps and Bounds, 100 Years Signatures, Signal-Callers, Rookie Upper Echelon and All Hall
  • Search for oversized patch cards in Full Coverage and Double Coverage. Also find multi-swatch memorabilia cards in Rookie Reflections, Patch Trio, Gridiron Gear and Talented Trios.
  • Look for one Printing Plate Autograph per case, on average.

2019 plates and patches football bo jackson autograph

2019 plates and patches football dual patch

2019 plates and patches football amari cooper

2019 plates and patches football dwayne haskins

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