2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League Changes Styles and Sets

2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League Changes Styles and Sets

UEFA Champions League stays with Topps for another year with the 2021-22 release.

Rather than the traditional chromium of higher-end hobby boxes, this flagship UCL release focuses on conventional card styles and building your base and insert set versus too many hits.

2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League

The 2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League comes in Hobby and Blaster boxes with plenty of autographs on the checklist. Just don’t expect them in every box as they aren’t the major focus of this release.

The base set of the 2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League Collection sits at 200 cards featuring top players across the league. All base cards have more than a dozen parallels, from Speckle Foil, Aqua Foil, Neon Green Foil, Icy Black Foil and Foilfractors among others.

Typically a tradition in the baseball cards, Topps has introduced the All-Star Rookie Cup Team for soccer in the UEFA Champions League this year. The best young talent will have Rookie Cup logos on their cards.

2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League

Amongst the base set, fans will find the Title Winners subset of 5 cards which honor Chelsea’s 2020-21 UCL win.

For the inserts, the 2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League will see 6 insert sets, some plentiful and others quite rare as case-hits.

A quick look to the future for the upcoming UCL Final in May are the Road to St. Petersburg cards (1:4 packs) with 20 cards of top players.

And stepping back to the past, the old school design of the 1975-76 Topps Footballers (1:5 packs) is converted to vintage-type cards for current players. 

Other inserts to grab include Future Stars (1:6) for young upcoming talents and Best of the Best (1:24) which employed high-level statistics across 15 categories to identify the leaders in each of these areas.

2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League

International talent can be found in Flags of Foundation (1:8). Parallels across the inserts are mostly the same, with Gold (/50), Orange (/25), Red (/5), Printing Plates (1/1) and Foilfractors (1/1) and the addition of Pink version in the Future Stars (exclusive to value boxes only).

The toughest pulls are probably the Perfect10n at rare 1:144 packs. These die-cut cards will be hard-to-find as will the very limited parallels of Orange (/25), Red (/5) and Foilfractor (1/1).

Finally, we look to the Autographs of the 2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League Collection and this checklist offers a minimum of two options for finding signatures. Base Autographs understandably mimic the main base set. 

While Ultimate Stage Autographs round out the autos. Again, signatures aren’t guaranteed and we don’t even know the odds of grabbing one. 

The estimated release date is 16 March 2022 and you can find 8 cards per pack, 24 packs per box, and 12 boxes per case.

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