2021-22 Tops Bundesliga Soccer Flaghship Release for April Next Year

2021-22 Tops Bundesliga Soccer Flaghship Release for April Next Year

Flagship set arrives in the 2021-22 Topps Bundesliga Soccer for DFL and international fans of the German league.

Highlighting standout clubs and players of the DFL, this first time release by Topps is set to see a big checklist with an array of insert themes but at an affordable price. A 200-card base set focuses almost solely on the best players but with small subsets thrown that bring a bit of variety with player combos and key moments. 

2021-22 Tops Bundesliga Soccer

Chasing Autographs? They’re not guaranteed here at box level, unfortunately, but these tough pulls make the set even more exciting.

Parallels are foil-heavy but flush with options, from Sparkle Foil (1:2 packs), Aqua Foilboard (#/199), Gold Foilboard (#/50), Black Foilboard (#/10) and FoilFracter (1/1) amongst others.

Inserts will see six different choices on the checklist for the 2021-22 Topps Bundesliga Soccer. Defense Fortress features best defensive players at 1:5 packs, Captain features all 18 team captains at 1:4 packs, Future Stars at 1:6 packs predictably showcase the best young stars whereas Golden Generation (1:24) are some of the toughest inserts to pull and focus on club players. Rounding out the inserts are the Foreign Bundesliga Sensations for international players and Record Breakers for the best players from last year.

2021-22 Tops Bundesliga Soccer

The first five sets total 18 cards with the following foil parallels - Gold (/50), Orange (/25), Red (/5), FoilFractor (1/1) and Printing Plates (1/1). The final set, Record Breakers, which comes in 1:144 packs will only feature Orange and Red Foilboard and the FoilFractor parallels. 

Autos again are not guaranteed at box level, but 2021-22 Topps Bundesliga Soccer does feature 45 players in the Base Autograph line which should average 1:5 boxes. Parallels are found in Gold, Black and Red Foilboard plus FoilFractors, landing 1:5 in hobby boxes, and the cards will be almost identical to the base set with signature added.

2021-22 Tops Bundesliga Soccer

The inserts mentioned above will also have limited autos for distinct player from each set - Captain, Defense Fortresses, Foreign Bundesliga Sensations and Future Stars Autographs

The estimated release date is late in April 2022 so fans have a fair bit of wait time before this flagship set for Topps Soccer releases. 

Hobby Box Roundup:
Defense Fortresses x 5
Future Stars x 4
Golden Generation x 1
Team Captains x 6
Foreign Bundesliga Sensations x 3
Sparkle Foil Parallels x 12

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