New Pokemon Breakpoint Pack Art Revealed!

New Pokemon Breakpoint Pack Art Revealed!


Pokemon Breakpoint packs

The guys at Pokecollection have just revealed a bunch of Breakpoint pack art showing the theme decks, blister packs and boosters.

'Scheduled for release on February 3rd, we're able to relay what may already be known to many of you thanks to our friends at Pokémon! In addition to the theme decks, featuring Greninja ('Wave Slasher') and Luxray ('Electric Eye'), and the blister/booster packs, featuring Greninja BREAK, Luxray BREAK, Shiny Gyarados and Mega Scizor, the Checklane Blisters will contain, as per usual, 1 of 2 exclusive holographic cards, one of which is a Hydreigon (74/119 - Phantom Forces) and the other - an XY Black Star holographic promo card - which is a Pikachu (XY95)! We'll be treated to another EPIC Elite Trainer Box and some awesome new 3-Pack Blisters too!'

You can pre-order Breakpoint from Cherry NOW and have it on release day!

Check out all the pictures revealed from Breakpoint so far!




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