Throwback Thursday - Horace Grant, the man of the epic Zubaz

Throwback Thursday - Horace Grant, the man of the epic Zubaz

Yes, Horace Grant is a 4 time NBA champ with the Bulls and Lakers, an All-Star and a consistent All-Defensive team member (1993 - 1996).


Who wore Zubaz (happy pants, Hammer pants whatever you wanna call em!) better than Horace Grant? Lets take a trip down the awesome memory lane that is Horace Grant's greatest Zubaz.

1. Blue Steel Zubaz

They say a picture says a thousand words but I can only think of 3. Horace. Grant. is awesome. (OK 4). I'm not sure why this pic was taken but I'm glad it was. Horace rocking some blue Zubaz, leaning back all casual on a couple of lawn chairs, some streamers and balloons in the background. Maybe its a pic from Horace's birthday party? Anyway it rules.

2. Championship Zubaz


What trousers do you wear after you win the NBA Championship? Pshhh, Zubaz of course. Love these pics of Grant and his mate Pip as they travel in style after winning the championship.

3. Training Zubaz

When you're training you need to be able to move easily. Zubaz are the perfect choice of training trouser.

4. Chuck's Zubaz

OK so they don't belong to Horace but Chuck's Zubaz here are especially nice and is that a young Chris Webber with him in the gym?

Anyway, much love to Horace who will forever be the man pumping his fist in the NBA Jam Halftime Report!


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