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First up a huge thank you to Mr G and Queen Renee in allowing me to have a small (but critically important, lol) contribution to their website, and all the wonderful work they've done to enhance my passion for collecting, as I'm sure it has also for all you guys as well.

A very brief intro about myself so you can all understand where I'm coming from. I'm 51 retired (semi anyway) and I've been collecting cards and sporting memorabilia for over 30 years, longer than most of you have been on this planet. I confess I'm addicted to collecting and nothing will change that, I love it and along the way I've met some wonderful people and hope to meet many more. Monday night is the best night of the week for me sitting in front of the computer, a warm cup of Milo on one side and a few Tim Tams on the other  listenening to G's golden voice, watching live breaks (Cherry, the best in the business) and having a chat to you guys, and making the odd deal of course.....at the right price! Yes I'm talking to you Kiwi!!

My mission on here is to provide some news, create some discussion, share some experiences but most of all I want to hear from you and what you'd like to see and discuss, so please all and any suggestions are not only welcome but invited. How my weekly blog develops will be entirely in your hands.

Now down to some serious business.....tonight it's GOLD, GOLD, GOLD if last weeks Team Cherry break is any indication of things to come....what a start! Secondly I have been priviliged to have a sneak peek at the "Cherry packs" which excludes me from buying any, otherwise you know I'd be in there buying as many spots as I could get my hands on......all I can say is WOW!!  For $100 you'll definately get a good "Bang for your Bucks", so if you haven't already invested, grab a spot or two, you will not regret it. I'm looking forward to the Panini Prefered case break, my opinion is that this product is producing some huge $$$ hits and such a nice looking product, just ask Verse1 (Nick) who pulled the Rose Prism #1/3 last week. My advice is to definately grab a couple of spots if it's not sold out already.

Chat to you all tonight which I'm predicting will be huge, and don't forget to keep sending in your suggestions.

Thanks guys, Ang.

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