Leaf Best Of Basketball Out Now!

2012 Leaf Best of Basketball has hit stores and arguably the strongest buyback release of all-time has almost sold out worldwide!

Cherry currently has boxes for $375 a pop! So far we have hit graded Kobe & Durant rookies and an awesome KG Jambalaya!

The release features everything that is great about basketball, including: graded rookie cards, slabbed signed buyback rookie cards, graded vintage star cards, graded/authenticated star player autographs and game used cards, vintage packs slabbed authentic and/or factory sealed (including 2003-2004 EXQUISITE BASKETBALL!) and much more...

Each box will include:
- (1) Graded or Slabbed Authentic Buyback Card
- (1) 2012 Leaf Best of Basketball Original Signed Card

Cherry has a handful of these cases BUT if you are interested in busting a box, from a sealed case, LIVE then comment below or contact us ASAP.

Click Here for more details.

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