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Hey guys, it's nearly that time of the year when the NBA begins to hand out all the awards, so I thought it's time I put in my "two cents" worth and see if you agree or disagree.

First up The Sixth Man of The Year Award goes to James Harden: 16/4/4, not too shabby for a 2nd year player coming off the bench, not to mention taking an elbow from Metta, special mention goes to Mo Williams, if not for the injury interrupted season he would have been a strong contender.

Defensive Player of The Year goes to Tyson Chandler averaging 10 boards and nearly 2 blocks a game. Special mention to Lebron, love those run down chase blocks, and Dwight "sooky sooky la la" Howard.

Rookie of The Year is Kyrie Irving hands down and light years between him and second place. This kid is definately the real deal averaging 19/4/5 in his first year on a very ordinary team, remembering Lebron averaged 20/6/5 in his first year on the same team with a better cast!

Most Improved Player would have to be Ryan Anderson putting up some big numbers all year with or without DH12, special mention to Andrew Bynum who's finally starting to realise his potential, and there was that Linsanity guy...not sure if you've heard of him!

Coach of The Year Award goes to Gregg Popovich, how he keeps the Spurs contenders year after year amazes me, it's not like Duncan, Parker and Ginuboli are getting any younger, but yet again the Spurs are the No. 1 team in the West with the best record in the League. Kudos to Pop.

MVP, Lebron James, enough said! Mind you I am a little biased on this one but who can argue with the numbers he's put up this year and the workload he's shouldered when Bosh and Wade have been out. Argue all you want but Lebron is King again for the third time!

NBA Championship goes to...??? This is a tough one (even as a Heat fan). There's six teams that have a shot. Bulls, OKC, Spurs, Heat, Lakers and Celtics(?) but I'm sticking with the Heat in a hard fought but entertaining 7 game series against the Thunder. What a match up!!

That's how I see it but I'd love to hear what you guys think, so please post some comments.

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