My White Whale

Hey guys, spent most of Saturday at a local Collectables fair and came away one very happy man. I'd started a set of 1967 Scanlens Footy cards about 6 years ago and had been missing only 3 cards to complete the set. Went to my mate Ron's stall as I have done every other year, asked him for the same 3 cards, fingers crossed, but same answer as every other year "Sorry man".

Just as I was about to leave his stall he called out to me to come back. To my amazement he reached for his own personal set and pulled out the 3 cards I needed. You can just imagine the excitement..finally after 6 years my 1967 Scalens set was complete, although it left a slightly hollow feeling because now I didn't have that "thrill of the chase". Guess I'll be looking to start another set very soon. Don't you just love collecting!!
Now to my "White Whale". Fifteen years ago I started a set of 1954 Kornies footy cards and within a year had almost completed the full set except for one card, card number 10. For the next 11 years I scoured fairs, markets, the internet, antique shops without any luck. For a number of years I didn't even know who the player was that I was chasing and no-one could tell me either. A few years ago I went to visit the In-laws in Goroke, a tiny little town just outside of Horsham, population 300 on a good day. In the main street there was what I can only describe as a "junk" shop trading under the guise of an Antique shop. As you can imagine in a town like Goroke there isn't that much to do apart from watching the grass grow so I thought I'd go for a walk and have a look inside. It was unbelievable the amount of rubbish that was in there, but in amongst it all was a converted lolly counter with a pile of old footy cards. I asked the lady if it was Ok to have a look through them to which she replied "help yourself Love". And then there it was...card number 10, Lou "the mouth" Richards, and you can imagine my level of excitement when I saw it, so after I got my breath back I asked "How much please". At this stage I would have paid $100 for it even though I knew it wasn't worth anymore than $10. After 12 years and 50 cents later I'd finally found my White Whale!! And it wasn't even a basketball card.

I'm sure all of you have some pretty interesting collecting stories and I'd love to hear them, so please post your's below...and just to make it a little more interesting, the best story will win a card of their chosen player.

Chat to you all tonight with Preferred offering some major Mojo and an update on the "Exquisite" Cherry packs.
Cheers Ang.

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