Cherry Packs are back and this time they are simply EXQUISITE!

If you enjoyed or just heard about all the excitement and mad hits that were had in our first case of Cherry Packs wait until you see some of Upper Deck's finest!

Each pack will have 3 cards, at least one of which is an EXQUISITE piece.

Every card is an Upper Deck card so for those Panini haters - this is your time to shine!

Packs will be pre-sold and busted during our Live Breaks every Monday night at 7.30pm AEST.

If you would like to be one of the first to bust a Cherry Pack comment below - packs are $100 and there are ONLY 20!!

  1. Haydo
  2. Brad
  3. Brad
  4. Tekk
  5. Tekk
  6. Big Dee
  7. Carl NBA
  8. Kiwi
  9. Transtaz
  10. Ripsnorta
  11. Devo
  12. Eugene
  13. Brentus
  14. Karlsta
  15. Tekk
  16. Tekk
  17. Strop
  18. Rpetrovi



tekk3113 said:

2 for me thanks mate


Brad said:

Im in would luv to crac a exquisite


Ripsnorta said:

Ill take a spot


Kiwi said:

Definatly keen for 1


transtaz said:

hi mate
i’ll grab one!

might be busy next monday but gotta be in this one!
just email me the details


bigdee456 said:

hey mate ill grab one!!! :)


Eugene said:

Put me down for one please g

Devo - Devros

Devo - Devros said:

1 for me please mate

brad - Flugel

brad - Flugel said:

Keen as, put me down for 2 instead of 1


tekk311 said:

2 more for me mate if available


Karlsta26 said:

put me down for 1 thanx G


Rpetrovi said:

I will take another spot if available
Email me for payment


Rpetrovi said:

i would like 1 spot if available


Strop said:

I’ll be in for 1 if there are a few still available


Rpetrovi said:

Still waiting on my invoice for 2 packs


Rpetrovi said:

Can you update the list – i want 2 packs

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