Here is the link to our channel - LIVE FROM 7.30 pm Mon 29th April

We haven't done this in a while... so we may be rusty.  But hey, this product looks 'legit'.

There is no doubting the success of last years preferred with silhouettes and panini choice die-cuts skyrocketing in value.  Who will forget the Derrick Rose green we hit LIVE last year... hmm, who?

So for you first time players and those who forget about the 'good 'ol days' this is how we roll.

There will only be 15 spots in a case break and each spot will get TWO teams! Plus there will be a two round draft so you can pick your own teams! and everyone should get at least one team they are more than happy with.  If you get spot ONE you will automatically get spot THIRTY as well.  Jeremy Lin card's found there way into a lot of spot 30's....

If you would like to be one of the fifteen people in the case break COMMENT BELOW (only) comment if you are serious – first 15 people will get the spots. You can buy more than one spot.

A spot will be $145 and includes:

  • Postage;
  • One Touches;
  • Paypal Fees;
  • Hits

The Case Break will be: Approx  April 29th on Cherry Collectables LIVE breaks.

There should be 40 HITS (30 Autos).

1 Flugel cavs
2 Tekk lakers
3 Tekk thunder
4 CardCookie clippers
5 Lilreddevil knicks
6 Brentus hornets
7 CardCookie nuggets
8 07 Kevaloski bulls
9 Grayson blazers
10 Lilreddevil magic
11 Zac celtics
12 CardCookie heat
13 Dantan rockets
14 Brentus pistons
15 Zac spurs
16 zac pacers
17 brentus bobcats
18 dantan bucks
19 cardcookie warriors
20 zac kings
21 Lilreddevil wizards
22 Grayson jazz
23 07 Kevaloski sixers
24 CardCookie nets
25 Brentus raptors
26 Lilreddevil hawks
27 CardCookie timberwolves
28 tekk grizzlies
29 tekk suns
30 flugel mavs
Here are some images:


Daniel Tanaskovic

Daniel Tanaskovic said:

ill be 1 of the 15 mate..

zac smith

zac smith said:

ill take two spots mate. :)


cherry said:

@Bainy, the team with the most players gets the booklet – if its even we random amongst the even teams using Anthology cards go to the Lakers.


Bainy said:

How will you be determining the booklets?


Flugel said:

im down for 1 spot thanks

Daniel Tanaskovic

Daniel Tanaskovic said:

Just paid mate


Tekk said:

Put me down for 2 spots, thanks

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