Panini 12/13 National Treasures NBA Case Break 1 - Teams Up

The pinnacle of modern basketball collecting is about to arrive.

Panini 2012-13 National Treasures NBA Basketball is scheduled for release late July and we have plenty of cases on order for Cherry case-break madness!

These Kyrie Irving Rookies cards look incredible and will no doubt sell for more than my car.... just saying.  If you are looking to hit logomen, tags, fat patches or just the best rookie auto design ever, get hype son!

There will only be 15 spots in a case break and each spot will get TWO teams! Plus there will be a two round draft so you can pick your own teams! and everyone should get at least one team they are more than happy with. If you get spot ONE you will automatically get spot THIRTY as well.

If you would like to be one of the fifteen people in the case break COMMENT BELOW (only) comment if you are serious – first 15 people will get the spots. You can buy more than one spot.

A spot will be $150 and includes:

  • Postage;
  • One Touches;
  • Paypal Fees;
  • Hits

The Case Break will be: Approx 7.30pm Aug 5th on Cherry Collectables LIVE breaks.

There should be 27 HITS.


  1. Angpin Lakers
    Angpin Cavs
    Jason Trailblazers
    Tekk Thunder
    Angpin Pelicans
    Tekk Clippers
    Cardcookie Warriors
    Damien Heat
    Brentus Pistons
    GlennM Celtics
    Mp2Marti Spurs
    Cardcookie Rockets
    Tekk Bulls
    Damien Pacers
    Brentus Bobcats
    Brentus Jazz
    Damien Nets
    Tekk Magic
    Cardcookie Knicks
    Mp2Marti Bucks
    GlennM Nuggets
    Brentus Kings
    Damien Wizards
    Cardcookie Timberwolves
    Tekk Sixers
    Angpin Mavericks
    Tekk Hawks
    Jason Grizzlies
    Angpin Suns
    Angpin Raptors

Here are some images:

kyrieNTrc logomenNT kyrielogo

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Jason - August 5, 2013

1 cavs
2 lakers
3 portland
4 Miami
5 Houston
6 pelicans
8 spurs
9 pacers
10 dallas
11 Knicks
12 bobcats
13 clippers
14 nuggets
15 bucks
16 kings
18 warriors
19 Atlanta
20 memphis
21 Toronto
22 Magic
23 pistons
24 wolves
25 76ers
how ever the rest

Flugel - July 26, 2013

Im down for one spot in the second case G please

Joel Warren - August 2, 2013

I’m IN!!! 4 spots please!!!!
(So long as broadcast on Ustream??)
Can pay via Paypal anytime!


cherry - August 5, 2013

@Joel Warren, its broadcast on Bmabuser (same difference) name is ‘cherrycollectables’. This case break is full, we have another – due to bust in the next fortnight. Please check the next article.

ivorymonsoon - July 25, 2013

sorry wirthdraw my submission, thanks

tekk3113 - July 25, 2013

Hey mate i’ll take the last 3 spots.

Glenn - July 22, 2013

I will be in for one thanks.

ivorymonsoon - July 24, 2013

I would like to grab a spot thanks

mp2marti - July 22, 2013

I’m in for 1

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