This product is now as rare as hen's teeth... So the price for two teams is now $200, but remember this includes one touches for ALL cards, Paypal fees and Postage.  Important to note the 09/10 version of this product sells upward of $4k per case!

These Kyrie Irving Rookies cards look incredible and will no doubt sell for more than my car.... just saying. If you are looking to hit logomen, tags, fat patches or just the best rookie auto design ever, get hype son!

There will only be 15 spots in a case break and each spot will get TWO teams! Plus there will be a two round draft so you can pick your own teams! and everyone should get at least one team they are more than happy with. If you get spot ONE you will automatically get spot THIRTY as well.

If you would like to be one of the fifteen people in the case break COMMENT BELOW (only) comment if you are serious – first 15 people will get the spots. You can buy more than one spot.

A spot will be $200 and includes:

  • Postage;
  • One Touches;
  • Paypal Fees;
  • Hits

The Case Break will be: Approx 7.30pm Sep 2nd on Cherry Collectables LIVE breaks.

There should be 27 HITS.


  1.  JPB
  2.  Brentus
  3.  KB
  4.  Flugel
  5.  Madwiggles
  6.  sskillswitch
  7.  Bailrun
  8.  Bailrun

Here are some images:

kyrieNTrc logomenNT kyrielogo

August 18, 2013 by Grayson White
Tags: Case Breaks



Balirun said:

Hoop me up with 2 spots please.


Flugel said:

Hey G im down for 1 spot


KB. said:

I’ll hop in for 1 spot.


Fleer57 said:

Please remove me from this break, cant afford it. thanks.


Jason said:

put me in for a spot cheers

Matt (sskillswitch)

Matt (sskillswitch) said:

Im up for a spot, cheers

Matt (Madwiggles)

Matt (Madwiggles) said:

Please put me down for 1 spot, thanks.


M4YH3M1 said:

What happened to this break?


Cherry said:

Didn’t fill my friend. Shame.


M4YH3M1 said:

I notice that it was only listed a month ago, do you require them to be filled in a certain amount of time? (2 weeks?)

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