Panini 2012-13 Intrigue Basketball OzGB Case Break - Recap

It wasn't the case we had hoped for, far from it in fact... But here is the inaugural Oz Group Breaks Case Recap!  On a side note, I mention some discount coupons for those who fared "worse than expected" so stay tuned in to the very end!

There will only be 15 spots in a case break and each spot will get TWO teams! Plus there will be a two round draft so you can pick your own teams! and everyone should get at least one team they are more than happy with. If you get spot ONE you will automatically get spot THIRTY as well, does that make sense?

A spot will be $135 and includes:

  • Postage;
  • One Touches;
  • Paypal Fees;
  • Hits.

The Case Break will be: Approx 7.30pm Sep 26th on Cherry Collectables LIVE breaks.

There should be 40 HITS.

 1 cantfly celtics
2 tekk cavs
3 angpin blazers
4 package lakers
5 parra hornets
6 parra warriors
7 biffo heat
8 package thunder
9 beau wizards
10 angpin clippers
11 beau pacers
12 m.colville rockets
13 tekk bulls
14 parra pistons
15 morgan knicks
16 morgan nuggets
17 parra spurs
18 tekk magic
19 m.colville hawks
20 beau nets
21 angpin kings
22 beau bucks
23 package mavs
24 biffo jazz
25 parra bobcats
26 parra raptors
27 package sixers
28 angpin grizzlies
29 tekk wolves
30 cantfly suns


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