Rose Returns with Championship In Sight

Derrick Rose, the former MVP point guard is making his comeback to the Chicago Bulls, after a devastating ACL injury last season.

He's got the Championship in sight and Miami is in the firing line.

Rose commented earlier this week at a training camp, "I think it's close," Rose said. "With the same team, the nucleus, that we have, we made it to the conference finals with a couple plays that could have easily changed the outcome. Every player is getting better individually. I think everybody's healed up. We know how big it is. It's just going to take time for me to adjust back to my teammates because they're used to playing with each other."

He's admitted it may take a while to get his rhythm back on the court, but he is ready and focused for the upcoming season.

How do you think D.Rose will perform this season? Will it be another MVP round?

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