Gary Vee Visits Card Store On 2019 Australia Tour!

Gary Vee Visits Card Store On 2019 Australia Tour!

*UPDATE* 1.8.21 - Grayson chatted cards and ecommerce with Gary this weekend on Vayner Commerce:

*UPDATE* Cherry is part of Gary's latest video! Click below to watch;

Gary Vaynerchuk is getting back into basketball and baseball cards in a big way and Cherry Collectables was honored to host him last Monday in-store at our 129 King Street, Melbourne store!

Grayson managed to meet and chat briefly with Gary while at the recent National Card show in Chicago. Knowing that he was coming to Australia for a big speaking tour after the National G invited Gary to come in store to which Gary said 'Sure.' Now, Gary Vaynerchuk is a super busy guy so we weren't counting on anything coming from this encounter but thought it was a polite thing for him to say.

Once back in Australia the Cherry Team set about devising a plan to see if we could 'trap' Gary in store. We knew Gary was buying up De'Aaron Fox rookie prizms so we got hold of as many as we could and placed them in the trap;

How we trapped Gary V Cherry Collectables

By posting the trap on Instagram, we were able to get the picture of our trap to Gary's team and they messaged us on Instagram saying they might see us on Monday when they got to Melbourne. 

Even then, we weren't sure what would happen because the team was in Melbourne only for 24 hours and every minute of Gary's time is accounted for I'm sure.


Gary Vee DMs Cherry

We had just sat down to some lunch in store when the DM came through. I said to the boys 'Gary Vee just DMed us.' Blake said 'WHAT?!' I showed him the notification and we all freaked out.

Sure enough, a big black van drove up a few minutes later and the rest you saw on Instagram - Gary and his team were in store for almost an hour, busting cards, going live on Insta and talking about the hobby with us.

It was such an awesome experience and we all want to say a HUGE thank you to Gary, Tyler, David and the rest of his team for coming to visit us and shining a light on the hobby and our store.

Thank you all so much, you guys are so humble and genuine and living everything you preach on the daily.

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