Introducing 2024 Upper Deck Neopets Battledome Trading Card Game

New for 2024, Upper Deck Neopets trading cards are set to be a highlight for collectors and Neopets fans. With revamped designs, exclusive new parallels, enhanced gameplay elements, and collectible dice, this year's series promises to deliver excitement and value in every pack.
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As Neopets celebrates 25 years of their legendary virtual pet game, fans and trading card enthusiasts alike, will be celebrating the 2024 edition of new Upper Deck Neopets Battledome trading card game!  One of the most eagerly anticipated TCG’s in a long time is finally ready for release on June 26!

What’s New?

Revamped Card Designs:
The 2024 Neopets trading cards come with updated designs that blend nostalgia with modern aesthetics. Each card has vibrant artwork, making them visually appealing and highly collectible.

Fresh new art:
New card art from Anthony Conley, Krista Staggs, Shamine Athena King and many more! Fans can collect cards and build unique thematic decks from booster packs.

Enhanced Gameplay Elements:
The 2024 series isn't just about collecting; it’s also about gameplay. Upper Deck has incorporated new gameplay elements that make the trading card game more engaging and strategic. These enhancements are sure to attract new players and seasoned veterans of the Neopets universe.

Collectible Dice:
In a novel addition, this year’s release includes collectible dice. These dice not only serve as functional gameplay tools but also add a unique collectible element that complements the cards.

Packs and boxes:

Starter Deck
Each box contains 4 x Fire Uni Starter Decks and 4 x Starry Acara Starter Decks, each containing:

  • 55 cards
  • 10 exclusive dice
  • Rules

Booster box
Contains 24 packs per box with 8 cards per pack.

Box break highlights

  • Ultra rare faerie/legend/equipment cards
  • Rainbow foil rare cards
  • Foil variants of fan favourite cards

Whether you're chasing rare cards, enjoying the enhanced gameplay, or simply adding to your Neopets collection, the 2024 series has something special for everyone.

Stay tuned for the release and get ready to dive into the world of Neopia with these incredible new trading cards. Happy collecting!

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