Japanese Pokemon ‘Sun’ And ‘Moon’ Expansions And Decks This December!

Japanese Pokemon ‘Sun’ And ‘Moon’ Expansions And Decks This December!

Pokemon GX are coming! Collection Sun and Collection Moon, the first expansion packs for the Pokemon Sun and Moon games, will be released in Japan on the 9th of December. These sets feature the debut of Pokemon GX, the latest Pokemon mechanic that was announced at Worlds in August.

Three new decks will also be released: ‘Grass Starter Set,” “Fire Starter Set,” and “Water Starter Set”. Each deck will contain 60 random cards as well as a “GX Marker”.

There'll also be new TCG merchandise such as deck boxes and sleeves as well as a “Sun & Moon Premium Trainer Box.”

Starter Set Decks Premium Trainer Box

But wait there's more! In January another set is dropping: the Sun and Moon Strengthening Expansion Pack will be released on January 27th, 2017. On the same January date, three “Special Sets” featuring the Alolan Starter Pokemon will also be released.

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Strengthening Expansion Pack Starter Special Sets
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