Jordan Cards And The Last Dance - Has The Netflix Documentary Impacted His Value?

Jordan Cards And The Last Dance - Has The Netflix Documentary Impacted His Value?

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Have Michael Jordan's cards gone up because of The Last Dance documentary on the legendary Chicago Bulls?

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Jordan's cards have taken a bump already.

With the imminent release of the new documentary series on ESPN and Netflix, there has been increased interest which Cherry director Grayson White addressed on our live stream briefly this week;

'...Jordan stuff has already bumped A LOT. I did some desktop research and stuff is already up about 30, 40%.'

This is probably as much because of the increase in new and returning people to the hobby as increased interest from the new documentary, however.

Does Grayson think there will be much of an increase after everybody has seen The Last Dance and remember they have a folder full of 90s Jordan cards in their attic?

'I think it might go another 10, 15% maybe, I think most of the PSA 9s and 10s are gone of the stuff that is gonna pop.'

We'll see if his prediction is correct.

Watch the full clip below and read our blog from 2017 on Jordan's top cards. Did you collect in the 90s? You might have some value in those folders - read our blog on 90s cards.

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