Jordan Rookie Cards Increase To Highest Value Ever After The Last Dance

Jordan Rookie Cards Increase To Highest Value Ever After The Last Dance

With The Last Dance shining a HUGE light on Michael Jordan (and the rest of the Bulls) it was inevitable that Jordan's 1986 Fleer rookie card would increase in value, people in the hobby were just not sure by how much.

Well, now we have an idea.

Over the past few days the card has hit new records at different levels of grading with a perfect PSA 10 going for $51,600 USD on Sunday.

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The Holy Grail of Cards

If you'd snapped one up in 2005 for the going rate of $5k you'd have just 10x'd your money.

PSA 9s are getting a big bump too - worth $7500 in February, this week they're selling for $11k+.

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PSA 9 Jordan Rookie Card Value

Year Amount
2014 $2,000
2015 $3,000
2017 $4,000
2018 $5,000
2019 $5,000
2019 $6,000
2020 $8,000
2020 $9,000
2020 $10,000
2020 $11,000
2020 $12,000


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