Are Loyal Subjects The Next Awesome Collectibles Craze?

Are Loyal Subjects The Next Awesome Collectibles Craze?

Australian collectors love new things but the awesome thing about Loyal Subjects is they've been around for a while already!

The Loyal Subjects, a well known collectibles and designer art toy company has teamed up with all sorts of licenses to introduce a new line of collectible figurines. With lines from Thundercats, Power Rangers, WWE, Horror icons, Aliens, Predator and more there are sure to be some you dig.

Initially starting out as blind boxes, where you can't tell what figure you'll get, the latest sets all have window boxes so you can select your faves BUT if you wanna take a gamble buy a 'chase' box. The chase boxes have blacked out windows and this is where you can score rare variants and even prototype figures.

Cherry has some older sets ready to ship as well as all the current sets and has even listed pre-order for the upcoming sets like Aliens so grab them now and get a great new collection started!

Loyal Subjects Predator Action Vinyl WWE Action Vinyls Loyal Subjects Aliens Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls

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