Panini 2019-20 Mosaic Basketball First Look!

Panini 2019-20 Mosaic Basketball First Look!

*UPDATED 20.5.20 - Watch the world premiere of new Panini Mosaic from today's Lunch Break!

*UPDATED 19.5.20* Panini shared a gallery of Mosaic hits just before release day! Are you ready for new Mosaic? Get your box now or get a spot in our breaks!

panini mosaic 19 20 luka doncic

panini mosaic 19 20 giannis

panini mosaic larry bird

*UPDATED 10.5.20* Did you see the first look at the Peacock parallel in new Panini Mosaic? It was posted to the Panini Instagram account and looks MINT 

*UPDATED 3.5.20*

Panini dropped some new images of Mosaic recently as its on the way to Cherry and should be heading out to you and in live breaks soon! Take a look and get your box or break spot now!

shaq panini mosaic 2019 20

charles barkley panini mosaic 2019 20

trae young panini mosaic 2019 20

Brand new Panini Mosaic basketball gets it's first look here on the blog! This year Mosaic features a larger base set, with a HUGE variety of photography, inserts, and parallels to collect.

With 8 packs per box and 4 cards per pack find 4 Mosaic parallels and at least 3 inserts per Blaster box! (on average)

• Find 1 Mosaic Parallel, at least 3 inserts, and 3 Mosaic Camo Pink parallel cards per Multi-Pack!
• Explore the base set in Mosaic this year, which features USA Basketball, Hall of Fame, and NBA Debut cards!
• Find randomly inserted autograph cards of top players around the league, current and retired, in the Scripts and Rookie Scripts set!

Check out the first pics below and get your orders in at Cherry NOW!


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Luke Roe - April 6, 2020

Are you guys doing more pre orders by any chance.

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