Panini Chronicles Baseball 2020 Gets Mosaic!

Panini Chronicles Baseball 2020 Gets Mosaic!

Hot on the heels of Chronicles Soccer, Chronicles Baseball is back for 2020 giving collectors a look at what Panini cards would look like across multiple brands, with the following ones new for this year: Mosaic, Luminance, Playbook, Magnitude, and Origins! A HUGE selection of brands already massively popular with collectors in other sports.

Each pack delivers on average 3 C2S, 2 Opti-Chrome, 2 Holographic and 1 other card, in Chronicles Baseball you'll be chasing;

on-card autographs of the 2020 rookie class in Origins, America’s Pastime, Boys of Summer, and Spectra!

2 Spectra base cards per box!

Obsidian Opti-Chrome base and autograph cards with multiple parallels #’d/99 or less!

Shop baseball at Cherry and read about more upcoming products like Immaculate NBA and Mosaic Football!

chronicles baseball 2020 spectra

chronicles baseball 2020 vladimir Guerrero jnr

panini chronicles baseball 2020 obsidian

panini chronicles baseball 2020

panini chronicles baseball 2020

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