Panini Launches Trading Cards Featuring Blockchain Technology

Panini Launches Trading Cards Featuring Blockchain Technology

*UPDATE* 11.3.20 Week 10's update is in with a nice Jerry Rice and a KD featuring.

*UPDATE* 3.3.20 Week 9's updated is up on the Knight's Lance and features a beautiful Shaq 1/1

shaq panini blockchain one of one

*UPDATE* 25.2.20 This week's new Block chain cards have been revealed! Check em out at the Knight's Lance

panini blockchain ja morant zion williamson

*UPDATE* 18.2.20 7th wave of Panini Blockchain cards is LIVE now with Westbrook, Brett Favre and more! See them all at the Panini blog.

panini blockchain russell westbrook

*UPDATE* The 6th wave of Blockchain 1/1s has launched today with Steph Curry and others!

Digital trading cards have been around for a few years already but Panini just announced the next step with a new set of unique cards which include Blockchain technology.

The first release of Blockchain integrated cards will happen in January 2020 and feature the National treasures design with athletes like Zion Williamson, Honus Wagner and Mickey Mantle. As well as the physical card, the buyer will have a digital asset which confirms the authenticity of the Blockchain card. Potentially, a HUGE change for cards as collectors areย often worried about the authenticity of the singles they're buying online. Assuming you sell one of these cards the digital asset would be sent to the new owner also.

It's going to be interesting to see what these cards sell for and the impact this move has on the hobby. You can read more at the Panini blog and check out the video below!

"Each card is a unique one-of-one card that not only includes a blockchain digital asset โ€“ but will be accompanied by a physical version of the card that includes an autograph of the respective player. In some cases, the physical card also will include a piece of memorabilia. The blockchain asset will be an exact representation of the physical version of the card."


panini blockchain card zion honus wagner mickey mantle

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