Pokemon Darkness Ablaze Revealed As Next Sword & Shield TCG Set!

Pokemon Darkness Ablaze Revealed As Next Sword & Shield TCG Set!

*UPDATE 26.5.20 Pokemon has shared first images of the Darkness Ablaze blister packs - they will feature new promos of Flareon and Eevee! Shop Pokemon at Cherry now!

pokemon darkness ablaze blister pack 1

pokemon darkness ablaze blister pack 2

*UPDATE 13.5.20 Pokemon shares first pack art images of Darkness Ablaze!

darkness ablaze pack art

pokemon darkness ablaze pack

pokemon darkness ablaze pack art

Pokemon Darkness Ablaze is the name of the next TCG set and will drop in August according to Pokebeach.

Darkness Ablaze will be a combination of the Japanese sets Eruption Walker featuring Centiskorch VMAX and Infinity Zone featuring Eternatus VMAX.

Darkness Ablaze will release on August 14th. Stay tuned to Cherry and get your Pokemon orders in early to save!

pokemon eruption walker booster pack
Centiskorch is front and center in Eruption Walker

charizard and grimsnarl set

Darkness Ablaze will likely have new Charizard and Grimsnarl cards from these Japanese decks

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