Pokemon Vivid Voltage Coming In November!

Pokemon Vivid Voltage Coming In November!

UPDATE - first images of the new Secret Rares have hit social media in Japan, take a look and order your box of Vivid Voltage at Cherry now!

pikachu v vivid voltage

pikachu vmax vivid voltage

vivid voltage

vivid voltage bea

Pokebeach has revealed that the next English Pokemon set will be named Vivid Voltage;

November’s English set will be named Vivid Voltage. It will partly be based on Japan’s upcoming set Shocking Volt Tackle, which will feature Pikachu V and VMAX.

With a name like that its clear the set will focus on electric type Pokemon which is exciting! Check out the logo and first pack art image below! Pre-order your Pokemon cards at Cherry!

pokemon vivid voltage logo

pokemon vivid voltage pack


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