Pokemon VMAX Sword And Shield Cards Revealed!

Pokemon VMAX Sword And Shield Cards Revealed!

*UPDATED* 7.2.20

Watch our unboxing of the brand new Sword & Shield with Damian!

*UPDATED 4.12.19*

All Sword and Shield products are now listed at Cherry! Get your pre-orders in to access our special pre-order price!

Get ready for the first Pokemon Sword and Shield cards coming this February! A huge reveal posted at Pokebeach has shown us the new VMAX card mechanic plus booster box art and heaps of beautiful cards!

New Pokemon VMAX have HUGE HP and powerful attacks, but when your opponent knocks out a Pokemon VMAX they take three Prize cards!

Snorlax VMAX and Lapras VMAX are the first VMAX cards revealed and at 340 HP, Snorlax VMAX features the highest HP ever for a Pokemon allowed in tournaments. They will be available in our Sword & Shield expansion on February 7th.

Check out the first look at these cards below and get your orders in for Pokemon Sword & Shield at Cherry!

pokemon sword and shield logo tcg

pokemon sword and shield booster box display

lapras vmax pokemon sword and shield card

meowth vmax pokemon sword and shield card

snorlax vmax pokemon sword and shield card

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Mike - February 29, 2020

I would like to buy all of them are they all real and scratchy.
How much would you like.

bryson - February 19, 2020

i would like to buy it how much do you want

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