PSA vs BGS Grading - Which Card Grading Should You Use?

PSA vs BGS Grading - Which Card Grading Should You Use?

Beckett or PSA is almost the eternal question in the hobby. But why would you grade your cards at all? Let's look at that question and then at some of the differences between the main grading companies. *Full disclosure* Cherry is the exclusive Beckett grading partner for Australia.

Why grade your cards?

First of all, you're preserving your card so you know it's going to be safe from wear and tear. The next thing that happens when you grade your card is its authenticated - you know that your card is the genuine article so no one can complain that you sold them a fake card. This authentication is probably the major reason people do it because it makes for a smooth sale process when you decide to sell your card down the road.

Beckett and PSA authentication are both widely accepted in the hobby so it largely comes down to aesthetics and the value added by the grading where people start to differ.

More detail in Beckett grades

Beckett provides sub-grades for 4 aspects of your card;

Corners - are the corners sharp or dinged?
Surface - imperfections or scratches on the surface of the card.
Edges - how well the card was cut is important here.
Centering - how well is the image centered on the card stock?

Each of these will get a grade when using BGS. Then an overall grade is awarded.

PSA keeps it simple with just one number and the grading standard, Mint, Near Mint, etc. The different labels are shown below.

beckett bgs vs psa grading sports cards

Beckett and PSA label comparison

 Aftermarket value

Where the two companies can differ is in the value added by the grade your card receives. Nowhere is this more evident than with the BGS 10 Black Label or 'Pristine' grade with a black label Charizard fetching over $10k USD last year. If you think your card is close to pristine you should definitely consider BGS. We were fortunate enough to attain this grade for a customer's Charizard in 2019;

Who do you grade with? BGS or PSA?

Are you ready to start grading? You can grade with us!

Watch a clip from one of our group breaks where Grayson discusses why we grade with BGS.


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