The Best Basketball Card Brands To Invest In

The Best Basketball Card Brands To Invest In

If you're new to sports cards and looking to get into boxes for investing then you're in luck because we covered this topic on our latest podcast episode. The recent realisation in the hobby that buying boxes of 1986 Fleer Basketball would have earned you more money than investing in Microsoft in 1986 has had HUGE cut through on top of the attention brought by entrepreneur Gary Vee recently.

invest in microsoft or 1986 fleer basketball cards
Should Bill Gates have just stashed '86 Fleer?

We took questions from our Instagram followers recently and had Grayson (owner of Cherry Collectables) give his answers and the number question was;

What box should I buy and hold long term for investing?

'Long term, Prizm. Prizm just performs better than anything else.'

No surprises there but for people new to the hobby or returning after a long hiatus its important to take note. The other box G mentioned was a bit more surprising;

'17-18 Select is hands down I think the best product to buy right now. First-ever Zebras...Jayson Tatum is a hot rookie and will get hotter...Kyle Kuzma's a Laker potentially headed to a title with Lebron.'

For further tips from G listen to the episode linked below on our YouTube channel or you can find us on iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts and Buzzsprout.

Still learning about the hobby and want to get into a group break? Read about group break basics here!

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