The Original 1999 Pokemon Website Is Still Up!

The Original 1999 Pokemon Website Is Still Up!

Remeber what 90s websites used to be like? Well, no need to remember because Wizards is still hosting the original Pokemon website from 1999! With all its old HTML and janky 90s fonts, you can browse through history although you probably need to do it on a desktop because it gets tough to read on your phone.

Do a word search, grab a sick Pikachu wallpaper or complete the anagram puzzles! Just make sure youre running Netscape Navigator 4 or above coz these babies won't work for you if you're running an outdated browser! 

Much like the Space Jam website or CNN's original OJ Simpson Trial website the Pokemon website is a great little relic from the very first years of the internet. Check out some of the screengrabs below or head over to the website now and get some sweet inside tips on how to dominate the game in 1999!

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original pokemon website 1999

pokemon word search 1999 website

pikachu wallpaper 1999

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