Top 5 Best Flat Tops In NBA History

Top 5 Best Flat Tops In NBA History

Hairstyles come and go in life but none made more of an impact in the 80s and 90s than the flat top and the NBA was no exception.

Let's check out the best flat tops in the NBA.

1. Robert Horry

Not only the greatest basketball player of all time [citation needed] but he sported one of the best flat tops of all time also. He wore it at the Rockets and in college;

robert horry flat top

2. Chris Mullin

The man with perhaps the most beautiful jump shot even though he was left-handed he had one of the greatest flat tops also.

chris mullin flat top

3. Scottie Pippen

Not only the greatest wingman of all time, a fantastic flat top which Jordan was probably jealous of because he had no hair;

scottie pippen flat top

4. Reggie Miller

Mr Clutch also had a great haircut at the beginning of his career;

reggie miller flat top

5. Kenny 'Sky' Walker

The man with the awesome 360 dunk had maybe the biggest flat top in NBA history, I dig it;

kenny walker flat top

Who did I miss? Let me know below!

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