Maradona soccer cards span the ages of card collecting and with Panini's immaculate brand about to hit in September we thought it was time to take a look at some of the best cards of God himself.

5. Diego Maradona RC 1979/80 Panini Calciatori Soccer Stickers

 1979-Diego-Maradona-ROOKIE-RC-306-BGS-BVG-8-5-1979-80-Panini-Calciatori-Soccer  1979-Diego-Maradona-ROOKIE-RC-306-BGS-BVG-8-5-1979-80-Panini-Calciatori-Soccer Have one to sell? Sell now 1979 Diego Maradona ROOKIE RC 1979/80 Panini Calciatori Soccer

Considered Maradona's rookie card by many collectors this sticker from Panini can still be found on eBay in varying conditions. One graded BGS 8.5 was recently being sold with an asking price of $455 USD.

4. Diego Maradona 1978 Rookie Crack Campeonato Mundial


Another rookie contender this card is very rarely seen in good condition. It features a very young looking Maradona with some hair that definitely suits the 70s.

3. Diego Armando Maradona 2016 Panini Select Historic Autograph Green Prizm

Diego Armando Maradona 2016 Panini Select Historic Auto Autograph Green Prizm

From last year's Select Soccer release comes a beautifully designed card with some of the first sticker autos that Maradona had done for some time.

2. 2017 Panini Revolution Revolutionaries Fractal 16 Diego Maradona Juniors

2017 Panini Revolution Revolutionaries Fractal 16 Diego Maradona Juniors

A much more recent card from Panini Revolution soccer this card has a great, fractal background with a celebrating Maradona in his Boca Juniors uniform.

1. Any auto card from 2017 Immaculate Soccer

panini 2017 immaculate soccer

We blogged about it recently but Panini's new Immaculate Soccer is out in September this year and features the first ever on card autographs from Maradona. Click the picture above to see some of the fantastic cards that are going into this product. Pre-orders have started for this release and with the interest high this product will not last long.

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