Top 8 Star Wars Cards For Episode 8 | The Last Jedi

Top 8 Star Wars Cards For Episode 8 | The Last Jedi

Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi is out in just a couple of months so what better time to talk Star Wars cards!? While Star Wars cards have been around since the OT hit the cinemas back in the 70s its more recently that the value and collectability of SW cards really went into a galaxy far far away. 

Lets look at the cards!

8. Star Wars 1996 Topps Finest Split Level Refractor Card

I have never seen this Star Wars artwork before and I love it!

7. Star Wars Feeding the Rancor 1993 Topps

Another great piece of original art you can find from the 1993 set!

6. Topps Star Wars Chrome Force Awakens Daisy Ridley Rey Refractor

From a more recent set, this is the first of Daisey Ridley's autograph cards! These are highly sought after given how much an impact Rey has had on the Star Wars universe.

5. Star Wars Chrome Perspectives Superfractor Autograph Card Paul Blake - 'Greedo'

You can decide who shot first once you have an auto from Greedo himself, Paul Blake!

4. 2013 Topps Jedi Legacy, Harrison Ford as Han Solo

A signature from the legendary smuggler himself!? Harrison Ford does not sign much product at all so any card with his auto is going to fetch big $$$.

3. Star Wars Evolution Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker Autograph 1/1

A beautiful image of Mark Hamill as Luke from the original Star Wars and the extremely limited (1/1) edition make this card a potential centrepiece of your Star Wars collection.

2. Star Wars Galactic Files Dual Autograph Card James Earl Jones / Ian McDiarmid

I nearly made this the number 1 card because I almost joined the Dark Side after seeing it - what a dual auto! Both James Earl Jones and Ian McDiarmid for the evilest pair in the universe!

1. Star Wars Galactic Files 2 Dual Autograph Card Carrie Fisher / Mark Hamill

Our number 1 card and you can see why - with signatures from both Luke and Leia this is the ULTIMATE Star Wars card.

You can order Star Wars cards from Cherry here and get ready for some great new products to hit with the new film coming out. Remember we cover the Top cards for different sets all the time so read some of the others because they're great!

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