Top Loader Shortage Of 2020?

Top Loader Shortage Of 2020?

Trading card supplies are in So much so that Cherry has taken questions from collectors multiple times a day during the pandemic about where they can get more top loaders.

We've struggled to keep them in stock ourselves and have had to focus on making sure we enough for all the hits that come from our live breaks.

Back in March, we saw people panic buying toilet paper but we didn't expect it to happen to top loaders too!

According to a recent blog at Beckett;

The widely used protective tools, along with most other hobby supplies, are manufactured in China where production shutdowns and shipping delays have virtually strangled the source, leading some dealers to sell out while others struggle to keep them in stock.

Some can be recycled of course, if they're not in too bad condition but eventually they need to be retired because you'd hate to damage a card putting it in a dirty top loader.

We do have some coming and hopefully, the disruption from the virus will work through the supply chain soon.

Have you been able to get enough?

Check out what G had to say about the shortage in a recent live stream and stay up to date on new release cards like Encased and Illusions;

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