Top Trae Young Cards

Top Trae Young Cards

Trae Young cards are on the move because he is in only his second season and he's been named for the NBA All-Star team. It's safe to say we need to look at his cards.

We've pulled some nice ones in our own Cherry breaks - keep scrolling for our Top 5 cards;

5. 18-19 Revolution TRAE YOUNG RC Chinese New Year Red

If you're looking to get started with Trae, the Chinese New Year Revolution set from last year is a nice place to start. 

4. 2018-19 Contenders Optic TRAE YOUNG Class Acts 

Contenders delivers nice insert sets like Class Acts for rookies with the guys looking ready for Draft day.

3. 2018-19 Threads TRAE YOUNG Rookie Signatures Auto /105

If you're looking for an auto the rookie signatures set from Threads is a good place to start.

2. 2018-19 Revolution TRAE YOUNG Rookie Auto #TYG

Another set using the photos from before the rookies have even started playing on NBA media day.

1. 2018-19 Noir TRAE YOUNG Rookie Auto Platinum /5

If you're looking for a real relic NOIR has you covered. Numbered to just 5 the rookie auto platinum series from last year is very popular with Trae and Luka cards going for $$$.

Did we get some wrong? Are there some sick Trae cards missing from the list? Let us know in the comments!

We've been lucky enough to pull some nice Trae Young cards at Cherry!

Wanna shop Trae? Click here!

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