What Is Topps Project 2020?

What Is Topps Project 2020?

Project 2020 has been extremely exciting to watch but with a focus on basketball cards for many Australians in the hobby, some collectors are out of the loop. Let's catch up because it's not too late to grab some of these red hot cards.

Earlier this year Topps took an idea from the sneakerhead world and started Project 2020 - 20 designers all putting their own turn on 20 classic baseball cards. Two cards are posted every weekday for $20 on Topps' website. They print the amount sold inside that 48 hour period - one of which is a gold variation - and that's it. Whatever collectors order during that period is the print run.

The full set of cards is set to stop when the 400th card is completed so collecting the set is going to be quite a journey. New spins on classic rookie of legends like Derek Jeter and current superstars like Mike Trout are designed by street artists, tattoo specialists, cubic craftsmen, and jewelry designers. Because the artists have their own followings outside of cards it's bringing a lot of new people to the hobby - they want a little piece of art from their favorite artist.

The aftermarket on eBay and elsewhere is where Project 2020 has gotten really interesting with cards that sold for $20 going for hundreds once listed by collectors.

What do you think about Project 2020? Would you like to see it rolled out for other sports?

Watch the recap of the first 100 cards below and if you're into baseball shop MLB at Cherry!

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