What Sports Cards Should I Buy?

What Sports Cards Should I Buy?

With the sports card market moving at blistering speed a lot of collectors are asking What's next? Whether you've already been collecting for a while or you're just getting into it and feel like you've missed out thus far the answer is simple - soccer.

Previously a sport that has struggled to find a large audience with collectors there are some key events coming together that we anticipate will boost the value of soccer boxes, packs and singles;

  1. UEFA Euro 2020 (now happening in 2021) and the World Cup in Qatar 2022
  2. A big push from Panini in terms of dollars going to top athlete to sign and
  3. overflow from other sports card collectors as they realise the value in soccer cards they have previously overlooked.

We think these 3 factors as well as a sports card market that is just in general absolutely white hot will see people looking to soccer cards in a big way and it's already starting to happen. Our recent break of brand new Chronicles Soccer were all sell outs, we struggled to find enough product to get out to customers and the anticipation fo Impeccable EPL is through the roof.

For more on soccer cards watch the clips below and read more about the hobby like the Junk Wax Era or the Return of The Hobby.





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