What's A Live Break?

What's A Live Break?

live card box break

Live box or group breaks are new to lots of card collectors because the hobby is growing. Let's read about the basics of live breaks and then you can get involved!

First, in a live break, the idea is that the breaker - the person opening the cards - opens cards live online. It's kind of like watching a show except you've got a stake in the action. You watch the breaker open up boxes and packs of cards that you have bought a share in and you get involved in the chat rooms connected. There are lots of different kinds of breaks but the 2 most popular are Team Breaks and Random Breaks.

In a Team Break, a case or box of cards is sold in lots according to how many teams there are e.g. 30 spots for NBA breaks. Some teams are more expensive (e.g. Lakers) and others are very affordable like the Wizards. This is because of the players who have played for the respective teams. Once the break is over your cards are sent out to you!

In a Random Break, you pay a flat fee for a spot in the break and once the spots are full the list is randomized by the breaker - the team you get here is based on luck.

Like I said in one of our other blogs;

Live breaks are exciting because you don't know what cards will get pulled and you get to watch LIVE while the breaker opens the packs

So, now you know about breaks get involved! Cherry has breaks all week and you can buy in at $5 in Teamz or spend more in Machos! Our YouTube channel and facebook page are where the breaks happen.

See you in the chat room and check out one of our recent breaks below;

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