Where To Buy AFL Footy Cards

Where To Buy AFL Footy Cards

AFL footy cards from Select are getting more popular and Cherry Collectables in Melbourne's King Street is the place to get them.

This year has seen the release of more Footy Stars for 2019 and the first premium release of Dominance AFL and card collectors have snapped up both sets.

If you're looking to get back into footy cards then a product like Footy Stars is a good place to start. With a range of inserts like Caricature Cards and Brownlow Predictors, at only $2.99 a pack RRP its an affordable way to start your collection.

select footy stars 2019 melbourne

For a more seasoned collector, this year's Dominance release has to be the starting point. With holographic parallels, rookie cards and Captains Signatures, this is the footy release collectors have been wanting for years.

slect afl dominance 2019 cards melbourne

You can shop footy in-store or online at Cherry now.

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riley truscott - June 15, 2020

hi, I am looking for a Cameron Rayner 2018 signed draft pick card and was winding if you had one. thanks heaps for your time.

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