Will Tasmania Get The Next NBL Team?

Will Tasmania Get The Next NBL Team?

Is Tasmania going to get the next NBL team? With today's announcement of the NBL Blitz coming to Tassie in September is this a trial run for the return of Tasmania to a national sporting competition?

Speaking today in Hobart NBL Owner and Executive Chairman Larry Kestelman made the announcement with Acting Premier and Minister for Sport and Recreation Jeremy Rockliff and the goat himself Andrew Gaze in Hobart.

nbl tasmania Larry Kestelman Tasmanian Minister for Sport Jeremy Rockliff and NBL icon Andrew Gaze

“We are very excited to bring the NBL Blitz to Tasmania in September. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring all of our teams and players here and engage with the Tasmanian people as well as showcase some world-class basketball. 

“Tasmania is a great sporting state and we want basketball to be its number one sport. That’s why we’ve expressed a strong interest in establishing a 10th NBL team in Tasmania that will represent the whole state and we think the NBL Blitz is a great opportunity to showcase the league."

nbl team blitz 2019 tasmania

As well as this a new website has been launched to gauge local support and Cherry would encourage you all to sign up today! Head to the new website to show your interest in the new expansion and welcome Tasmania back to the NBL.

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