Young Stars Abound in the 2021 Inception Baseball Release from Topps

Young Stars Abound in the 2021 Inception Baseball Release from Topps

Collectors will find the most coveted rookies of the MLB - and some unique veteran content - in this colorful and bold 2021 Topps Inception Baseball set.

Youth and design are the focus of this year’s Inception Baseball checklist. In each box you’ll find seven cards - with just one auto or auto relic and two base card parallels. Design variety is fresh and not-so-subtle, with explosive color on cardboard canvas, which will really grab fan attention spans.

2021 Topps Inception Baseball

If you’re after multi-box breaks then you can expect every sixteen box case to have four autograph patch cards, one jumbo patch autograph and one Silver Signings card.

Back to the base, we’ll see 100 of the MLB’s up-and-coming names (many are debuts from the late-arriving 2020 season), with each box containing four base cards and a pair of base parallels per box too (green, purple, magenta, red, orange, blue and inception). 

On-card signatures including numbered cards can be found on the Base Rookie and the Emerging Star autos, with the same parallels as the base set listed above.

2021 Topps Inception Baseball

Silver Signings are hard-signed with metallic ink, providing both Gold Ink (/25) and Gold Ink Inception (1/1) parallels to chase. 

With just 10 copies per card, the Short Print Inception Autographs line features a variation of design for the most sought after rookies and up-and-comers. 

Looking for some history in this release? The Dawn of Greatness Autographs feature long-time legends and veterans, but depicted in the early stage of their career to fit with the youthful theme of this Inception release.

Base cards are capped at 20 copies including Orange (/10), Blue (/5) and Inception (1/1) parallels for this looking for rarer cards. 

With just 1:4 boxes, the Inception Autograph Patch is a rare insert to chase, showcasing player-worn pieces with possible parallels to include green (/99), magenta (/75), red (/25), orange (/10), blue buttons (/6) and Inception Manufacturer Logo (1/1) editions to be found.

2021 Topps Inception Baseball

If you’re into oversized swatches, look for Inception Autograph Jumbo Patch. Or chase the Inception Autographed Jumbo Hat Patch that feature the team logo, MLB Logo or New Era Logo patches (/5) 

Sock relics are also on offer with a focus on stance gear worn by players and finally the hearty booklet cards with a new release design and swatch inclusion. 

Its original expected release was 17 March 2021 but due to the very delayed start of the season, we can expect to the find the 2021 Topps Inception Baseball in stores from April 2022 - and we'll post a pre-order link as soon as we can. 

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