1 - Are there any limits on how many I can purchase?
There are NO limits at all. You can buy 1 or one hundred!
2 - Is there a checklist?
3 - What are some of the lower hits?
The website will say the worst hits could be a few dollars in case we overlooked something, but the worst cards in CP should be 15-20ish dollars. Cards like Bangs, Wilds, Engine Rooms, CK's, lower end DPS etc etc. Approx a bit over 1 in 4 will be money back or better as a rough idea of your odds.
4 - Are there cards for all teams?
Yes, some will obviously have more than others but there are cards for all teams!
5 - How much are they?
6 - Can we bust them live?
Yes, select pick up on your order and we can bust them live on Cherry Footy. These can't be busted live on the other channel.
7 - Where can I buy these?
On the website -