Pokemon Holo Pack - 20 Mystery Holos Bonus Pack

$9.95 AUD


Featuring 20 random Pokemon holo cards and a bonus FREE Pokemon Booster Pack.

With over 20 genuine Pokemon holos from the most popular recent sets the Banner HOLO PACK is amazing value. 

Find rare hyper rares and ultra rares in the FREE bonus booster pack from both old and new sets.

Whilst care is taken to reduce the rate of duplicates and provide variation amongst sets included - the nature of the product makes this impossible to guarantee so please take this into consideration before purchasing.

Each Pack contains a minimum of:

  • 20 x Holos
  • 1 x Free Bonus Booster Pack

20 Cards Per Pack + Bonus Booster Pack (10+ Cards)

All care is taken to eliminate duplicates but they may occur.  Odds reflect the average across the total re-pack collation. There is NO GUARANTEE as to what cards or Booster Pack you will receive. The attached images are random images of what may be contained within a Holo Pack you will/may receive.

Shipping & Returns
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